Sharina Shelton Staff Photo

Early Life

Learning is my passion in life. I love to try new things and discover what works best in each situation. Ironically, I only began to enjoy my own school experience starting in fourth grade. I was an extremely shy child up until that point. However, my fourth grade teacher made it her mission to draw me out of my shell and uncover my true personality and learning style. She then had me tested for and placed in AIG services. It was only after that experience that I developed my passion for learning and the resulting enthusiasm translated into being more open with my peers. My entire school experience became more rewarding from there. It was because of the tenacious Mrs. Turner that I first dreamed of becoming a teacher. She taught me that one person can positively impact a child's entire future and that inspiring lesson has continued in my heart to this day helping to shape my teaching philosophy.

Higher Education

I began the journey to becoming a teacher in Kentucky in 1999. But, as they say, “life happened” and I had to take a more scenic route to getting my degree. After moving to North Carolina many years later, I finished my AA degree at Coastal Carolina Community College before transferring to UNCW. I graduated magna cum laude with my Bachelor's in Elementary Education in December 2015. The lesson I hope to impart from this is that even if things don't go as planned the first time, always try your best and never give up.  Persistence and determination pay off!

Moving Forward

Having reached the first milestone of a life-long dream, my plan from here is to continue to learn and grow in my profession every day.  My greatest desire is to instill that same love of learning and open community atmosphere that inspired me at a young age into your child's first grade experience.  I hope my students learn many new things this year. But, at the top of the list I hope they learn that they have a teacher who is personally invested in seeing each one of them succeed and become the best leader they can be!


Immediately after graduating I was given my first teaching opportunity at the same school and grade level as my internship. I was a fifth grade long-term substitute for several months. After completing that assignment I finished out the 15-16 school year as a long-term substitute in fourth grade at Silverdale. I began the 16-17 school year as a long-term substitute at Silverdale in third grade. From there, I long-termed as a Pre-K teacher at two different schools with a couple of regular substitute teaching jobs in the mix. In January 2017, I was offered an interim contract at Silverdale to finish out the school year as a K-2 EC teacher. I immediately began completing the steps in becoming licensed in this area and excitedly accepted the job! However, I realized my professional life would never feel complete if I did not have my “own” class someday—a group of students to teach and love for the entire school year. So, 2017-2018 is my very first year from start to finish as a classroom teacher! I am thrilled to get to work with your child and learn and grow right along with them! After all, children sometimes teach us the greatest lessons and I simply cannot wait to see what I learn from this year’s fantastic class!


I was born and raised in the heart of the majestic Appalachian Mountains. I’m from the small town of Jackson, Kentucky. As beautiful as it was there and as much as I loved being near family and friends, my husband and I answered the alluring call of the ocean in 2006. We moved to Hubert, North Carolina, since my husband has family ties here and we have lived here ever since. We love living in such a gorgeous area that is on the coast, somewhat rural, but also near many large cities. In our spare time we enjoy being outdoors riding four wheelers, hunting, fishing, swimming, and hiking.  Nature is a great place to reflect and rejuvenate! 

My husband and I have a blended family of five unique children that range in age from seven years old to twenty-one! Each child fills my heart in a different but special way. As my own children and step-children continue to grow up and develop their own identities, I am super excited to teach first grade! What a wonderful time of development in a child’s life and I am very blessed to get to spend this year watching your child learn and grow!